According to the mongolian daily with largest sales “udriin sonin”, minister of roads, transportation, construction and urban development kh.battulga has said to local media after united session of parliament approved state railroad policy resolution. A work will start on construction of tt-sainshand- choibalsan railroad of about 1100 km. Before that we should get acquainted with documents of the parties who have expressed interest in construction of This railroad. Has the technical and economical justification(tej) done for this railroad? Preliminary tej has been discussed. Now, since the policy resolution is approved, complete and full tej will be done. We estimate the tej to be finished within 3-5 months.
Significant amount of work is done already. We expect the work to be completed in two years. In particular, the railroad will be built in 100 km portions and connected. If you all remember, 108 km railroad has been built last year in three months. Jobs will be created during railroads and minerals
Processing plants construction.
Experts view that it is possible to build railroad quickly in gobi desert compared to steppes. However, the railroad foundation must be built well due to risk of melting.
The gage is to be 1520 mm and compatible with existing network.
A tender will be announced. At the moment mongolian companies and companies from republic of korea, prc, and russian federation have expressed interest. Coking coal will be processed again and exported to japan and korea that have developed industry and Consumption.
An estimate has been made to sell processed mining products at prices competitive with australia. Current railroad is owned 50:50 with russian federation according to agreement of 1949. It is instructed in the law that foundation structure of the new railroad will belong to mongolian state.
It was possible to approve the policy resolution before 2010, but issue has arisen and time lost. State railroad policy is a historic decision. Before decisions on railroads were decided in moscow, today mongolia has made its own historic decision.”