Socks for Happy People has partnered with the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation to start a Buy One, Give One Free initiative to help give warm socks to children living in Mongolia.

Socks for Happy people says that it’s not uncommon for children living in Mongolia to lose many of their toes due to frostbite. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees below zero, and many families lack shelter to protect them from the elements.

For each pair of socks that is bought, the organization will donate a pair of soft, locally-made camel hair socks to a child living in the area. Socks for Happy people says the thick camel hair is ideally suited to Mongolia’s cold temperatures.

Socks for Happy People makes their socks from organic cotton and produces a variety of designs. They cost roughly usd21 a pair, or customers can buy the entire 13 pair collection for about usd245.

The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation was started by children’s rights activist Christina Noble more than 20 years ago, and it has been awarded numerous humanitarian awards by the Red Cross and other organizations. Since its start, the foundation has funded more than 100 life-saving programs in Vietnam. The program expanded to Mongolia in 1997 and has pursued similar programs there.

The foundation has focused its efforts on programs in education, preventative healthcare and community and development projects. Child sponsorship teams are currently working with more than 2,700 children and their families in Vietnam and Mongolia.

The Buy One, Give One Free initiative is also partnering with the international Buy1Give1 organization, which works to help bring companies, charities and consumers together to help raise contributions to nonprofits around the world.

Buy1Give1 has partnered with a number of organizations, including, to work on more than 600 charitable projects around the world.