World Growth, an international and non-profit group and one of the leading non-governmental organizations operating in Mongolia, has praised the Mongolian government Prime Minister S.Batbold and the international investors of Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe Mines for satisfying the steps needed for the OT project to enter full operation and production.

World Growth considers the OT agreement to be the keystone project that will catapult Mongolia’s economy and growth for years to come by spurring new investments and additional capital from foreign investors, creating jobs and opportunities for Mongolian citizens while delivering new revenues to the country’s national treasury.

“Mongolia is blessed with big mineral reserves. With the right policies to attract investors, these can be developed to build a prosperous economy which will raise the living standards of all Mongolians and eradicate poverty” said World Growth chairman A. Oxlev, and Executive Director J. Cox to add that by accepting the OT investment agreement,  “Mongolia’s coalition Government has again affirmed its commitment to economic growth and development through embracing policies that favour progress over stagnation, prosperity over poverty, and hope over fear.”