The Government is expected to announce measures that will protect herders’ assets from being seized as their indebtedness to the banks now reaches MNT60 billion.

The Government has already met officials of the central bank on the issue and a special project is likely to be announced to help herders earn some money to reimburse their debt. Meanwhile, livestock indexed loan are also likely to be issued.

The General Emergency Authority has revealed that as of the first quarter of 2010, the number of adult animals to have perished in the zud has reached 6,310.8 thousand. 3.8 thousand were camels, 207.5 thousand horses, 347.3 thousand cows, 2501.5 thousand sheep, and 3250.7 thousand were goats. The number of goats to have died represents no less than 51.5% of the total animal death toll; a death toll that was 10.6 times superior in comparison with the previous year 2009.

In support for the herders, a Japanese Non-Project Grant Aid program and “Grass Root” program delivered an aid of fodder, forage and flour costing MNT 999 million to Mongolian herders in 11 provinces, each receiving 145 tons of forage and 50 tons of flour.

Mongolian Government has itself spent MNT 6.8 billion so far on a series of measures to provide support to the herders.

Nevertheless, some 6,400 families have lost all their animals.