The Atlantic Council Institute for Strategic Studies, a recognized political science institute, polled about 160 world experts about possible changes in Russia shortly. Experts, who are not soothsayers, but top-notch specialists, analyzed current events and concluded that Russia is on the verge of collapse and a deep crisis soon.

The crisis that has engulfed the entire country is not a new phenomenon in the history of Russia. The 500-year history of independent Russia after almost 300 years of Mongol oppression is a history of wars, and expansion of the country through invasions and usurpations.

Ivan the Terrible, a Tatar on the maternal side, waged war with everyone around, united many independent Tatar uluses, successors of the Golden Horde, and expanded his territory to Siberia. It occupies an honorable place in the history of Rus', as it is customary to honor emperors who expanded the country's territory by marking their exploits with golden letters. This list includes Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Generalissimo Joseph Stalin.

Ivan the Terrible rose to fame, but Russia fell into a deep depression after he killed his only son, who was to be his successor. Boris Godunov, a boyar proud of his Tatar roots, ascended the throne, but after his death, the Russian throne was empty. The Poles' neighbors cleverly used this by sending several false Dmitrievs, imagining that the murdered son of Ivan was still alive, thus aggravating the political crisis in the country even deeper. Later, the poet A. S. Pushkin "confirmed" this by writing, "Boris, you are wrong."

In 1913, a year before the outbreak of the First World War, 13 subjects of the Russian Empire, mostly Jews, set about to destroy one of the world's most powerful countries at that time. The next year, a world war broke out, allowing them to put their plans into practice. Russia entered the war allied with Great Britain and France against the Central European powers led by Germany. A group of Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, was financed by the Germans and transferred on a guarded train to Russia to take the country out of the war. The Germans called it "a team to spread the plague in Russia". The plan succeeded, and the Bolsheviks destroyed Russia. The empire collapsed, and Ukraine, the Caucasus, Poland, and Finland declared independence. After a terrible civil war broke out, fratricide lasted almost five years. After the collapse of the Russian Empire, 18 independent governments rose, not recognizing each other. Although it seemed that the whites fought against the reds monarchists, anarchists, socialists, and cadets with different ideological attitudes were at enmity with each other. Amid this madness, almost everyone abandoned their original purpose and engaged more in looting. The civil war went beyond the empire and reached Xinjiang, Mongolia, Manchuria, Iran, and Bukhara.

In terms of area, the territory of the Russian empires during the reign of Emperor Nicholas II was the largest in the history of mankind, second only to the empire of Genghis Khan. It seems that V. Putin likes to blame Lenin as the culprit of the collapse of this great power. He also announced in Munich that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century. Of course, Gorbachev is to blame, they shouted during his lifetime. However, many peoples oppressed by Soviet colonialism for many years consider the collapse of the USSR to be the most successful revolution of the 20th century. It was a more significant event than the collapse of colonialism in Africa in the 1960s. This was indeed almost a disaster for the newly reformed Russian Federation. The world's second-largest economy instantly dropped to 18th place behind South Korea. Both Yeltsin and Putin understood that it was impossible to get out of this catastrophe without the help of Western Europe, especially the United States.

Putin emerged on the world stage as a democrat, human rights activist, and opponent of communist ideals. After the September 11 terrorist attack in the United States, Putin immediately called on the White House to express its full solidarity with the American people and allow the Americans to use the territory of the post-Soviet states for counter-terrorism operations. In other words, America's most loyal ally, supporter, and good friend!

But later, it turned out that this was his cunning policy, although this was not a new move. Cursing Lenin, he copied his own policy of 1921. Having destroyed Russia, Lenin suddenly abandoned his adventurous policy of war communism and proclaimed a new economic policy known as the NEP. The new Soviet government was financially at the bottom, the state budget was running out. He sharply liberalized the economy, restored free trade rights for peasants in rural Russia, and encouraged foreign investment in every possible way. It was an act that completely contradicted his communist ideals. But Lenin was so ashamed of the betrayal of his ideals that he cursed himself. When the Bolsheviks developed trade with the capitalist countries, they began to talk about their country's development, not about spreading the fire of the world revolution. In the West, emigrants welcomed "a new wave of common sense, a new breath in an immense peasant country", and happily exclaimed: "Lenin, our Lenin is a true son of Russia, a national hero"

But it's a strategy! Deception is just a tactic! When Lenin announced the NEP “in earnest and for a long time,” it only meant that he wanted everyone to think so. At the same time, Lenin wrote to the People's Commissar for Foreign Trade Krasin: “It is the greatest mistake to think that the NEP put an end to terror. We will return to terror, to economic terror. Foreigners are now buying up our officials with bribes ... My dears, the moment will come, and I will hang you for this ... ”

Introducing the NEP, Lenin was looking for a way to settle accounts with the people. He restored "power based on violence, unlimited, not regulated by law." Can such a power “really and for a long time” coexist with the NEP?

It is said that half of his secret, dying, will of Lenin disappear. It is said that half of the secret will he wrote before his death, disappeared. And, it is said that the artist Annennikov read the entire text. To paraphrase Annennikov: “In the pursuit of profit, the capitalists of the whole world will want to conquer the Soviet market, blinded by the thirst for profit, they will be ready to turn a blind eye to our reality, turn into deaf mutes. In this way, we will obtain food and money from them to create an army, and their capital will bring it to perfection for a future victorious attack against our own creditors. Let us make the deaf-mutes work for their destruction, but for this, we must first completely turn them into deaf-mutes.” And a plan was outlined there: NEP, the actual separation of the government from the party, the establishment of relations with all countries - “do everything so that the deaf and dumb believe” - and so on...

Luckily for Putin, the oil price skyrocketed from $8 a barrel during the Yugoslav war to $130 quickly. More than 80% of all Russian exports are natural energy sources. This is especially true of Western Europe, whose life is tied to oil and natural gas. A perfect hitch for Western Europe. Putin has become friends with many Western politicians, such as German Chancellor Schroeder and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi! After all, these countries have become completely dependent on cheap natural gas from Russia. Others have more or less other possibilities. At the same time, Putin became more and more ferocious. He began to cooperate with extremist leaders and ultra-political parties in Western Europe.

Making Europe dependent on natural gas and oil, pushing Russia into the top 10 economically strong powers, spending a lot of money on an army, and dividing Western politicians among themselves have all been very successful. Now he is showing his teeth against the West. The American military bases were immediately expelled at his request the post-Soviet space. This is my territory! He cursed NATO for not participating in the fighting in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and for not being respected. The whole world saw that Putin deliberately scared Frau Merkel with a dog during her visit to Moscow. But recently, the former chancellor revealed the secret. Then Putin said to Merkel: "We will soon swallow you!" Although there is no evidence, he claims that NATO promised not to expand an inch to the eаst, while demanding that they withdraw from Eastern Europe, formerly held by the Soviet Union.

During the Crimean War, in 1853, Karl Marx wrote in the article The Russian Threat to Europe: "If you want to negotiate with Russia, you should not be afraid of her." Intimidation, by long tradition, accounts for 50 percent of the success of Russia's military operations. That's how Putin started and scares so far. Therefore, his sudden attack on Georgia did not go beyond Western criticism. He got involved in the confusion of Syria. The Westerners didn't say anything. The genocide in Chechnya was ignored. On the contrary, they supported the ambitious initiative to hold the Olympics and the World Cup in Russia. Crimea is occupied by unknown green people. An impatient Putin soon explained with pride and precision how he directed the takeover of Ukraine. He often boasted that Russia had discovered an entirely new weapon technology and had strike weapons that the world did not have. He changed the law and announced his readiness to launch a nuclear strike. He explained without hesitation that the Russian soldiers on vacation fought voluntarily, cutting off parts of two Ukrainian provinces and unleashing a war. The downing of a civilian plane was called an act by Ukrainians.

The West could not stand it and imposed sanctions against Russia. It is difficult to say that this is a sanction; it is about preventing Russian war criminals from entering the United States and Western Europe. The West is afraid of Russia! For any Russian aggression, at the most, they will criticize more harshly. And so, on February 24, 2022, Putin began his aggressive war against Ukraine, which was given the ridiculous name of “military special operations.” Europe has gone blind, and America – is deaf!

The traditional propaganda of the Soviet era was gaining momentum. A group called propagandists became famous worldwide through all the media. They raised a wave of support for the war in Ukraine. As soon as the Russian army began to suffer heavy losses, they began to promote terrorism, calling on all Russian countries to participate in the war and demanding nuclear weapons. There are few Russians among them, mostly Jews, Armenians, Tatars, and Ukrainians... The intelligentsia knows very well that if the war drags on, Russia will disintegrate, and Russia itself will collapse. There were almost no Russians among the group of people who led the October Revolution. Those intellectuals obsessed with a meaningless ideology understood that they were actually ruining Russia. Is it possible to say that these were Russian patriots who gave away large territories of the Russian Empire, given surrendering to Germany under the Brest Treaty? Everyone saw that the most active non-Russian propagandists of the Soviet ideology were the most militant nationalists after the collapse of the USSR. Does it sound plausible that Ramzan Kadyrov, who fought with his father against Russia for his country's independence, repeatedly repeats: “I love Russia, I love Putin”? Why does he insist on further expansion of the war in Ukraine? But the real Russian figure is former President Dmitry Medvedev. When drunk, he makes shocking and inappropriate comments on social networks.

The Ukrainians, who expected to meet Russian soldiers with flowers, dealt them a strong blow. Thus, the Ukrainian people, for the first time, stopped the internal political quarrel and reconciled. Although they have not yet joined NATO, they have one of the strongest armies in Europe. They became a strong fortress to protect Europe from Russia. According to the UN poll, only five countries, including Russia, supported the war in Ukraine. China, a partner many rely on, has not directly condemned Russia but will use "body language" to express dissatisfaction with its aggression. But for the first time in its history, NATO was fully consolidated. Finland and Sweden, bordering Russia, have joined NATO, but Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine increasingly demand membership. Allies of the former Soviet Union began to distance themselves from Russia. The Russian Federation alone is on its knees under the economic and political sanctions of the West.

2023 is likely to be a more serious global crisis than the previous 2022. The graveness of the situation will depend on Russia’s war against Ukraine. To stop Russian aggression, the world community and the countries of the West will strengthen joint coordination and policies. They will expand their moves to blame Russia. A special court will be set up to try war crimes. Will talk more about the list of war crimes, reparations, and liability. The UN will put more and more pressure on the Russian Federation.

Putin is preparing his country for a protracted, endless war, recruiting his people to the front, closing his borders to prevent his citizens from fleeing, putting the Russian economy on a war footing, and fighting until he sees victory. In the "dishonoring man kills a friend" genre, he won't be able to curl up.

Russia is desperately looking for allies and partners to support Russia. She will not stop asking for support from China. It will not stop buying missiles and drones from Iran. Russia's diplomatic policy will not stop attracting the countries of the former USSR and the countries of Africa, Central America, and South Asia as supporters in this war, or at least maintain close relations with Russia under the guise of neutrality. Russia faces a crisis at home as it loses the war against Ukraine. Russia is in danger of collapse. In the regions and republics of national minorities, separation from Moscow will intensify. The Russian armed forces will be divided.

Dmitry Medvedev announced the creation of a security detachment called "Love the Motherland". With the participation of Russia in Belarus, a private security company, "Hard Service" (PSC), with a staff of 1,000 people, was created and began to work. Every powerful oligarchy strives to have a so-called "private" army (PMC) in Prigozhin's "Wagnerian" style. Private military companies are growing like mushrooms in Russia. There are rumors that Shoigu will head the Ministry of Defense and will have his own PMC. G. Timchenko, an oligarch close to Putin, founded his PMC called Reduce, and two PMCs, “Shield” and “Rusich”, were created in Crimea. D. Rogozin adheres to the same idea. The Chechen army of R. Kadyrov can no longer be called the Russian army. It seems that every Russian elite is preparing behind its back for some kind of civil war.

PMC armies are preparing for war to protect their master and his property. Civil war may break out if tradition is followed. A phenomenon unprecedented in the history of mankind: there is a privatization of such a large world army. The Russian armed forces began to split. By privatizing the army, they initiated the collapse of the Russian Federation. In the future, nuclear weapons will be privatized and privately distributed. All Russian subjects will try to acquire nuclear weapons. When declaring independence, try to have nuclear weapons. With such a weapon, Moscow will be intimidated and achieve what it wants. Nuclear weapons may be accompanied by privatizing all types of strategic weapons. If such a war starts, Russia itself will fall to its knees. If Russia survives without disintegration, it will turn into a second-rate country on the scale of Brazil and Pakistan. If Russia survives without disintegration, it will take 10-20 years to return to pre-war levels.

Since Putin understands this well, he decided to play va banque. Almost 80 years ago, one such va banque. in Germany ended tragically. The player shot himself in a bunker in Berlin. The responsibility lay with the German people.