There was news on TV. Korean doctors, probably from a religious organization, who were treating Mongolian citizen free of charge and distributing free medicines, were caught by our famous Professional Inspection agency. Since behind a principled idea put forward by a Mongolian person there is a trivial personal reason, it must have been a petty snitcher, a personal vengeance, or a market competition. It was said that people from the professional inspection agreed that the medicines had not been registered, and there had been a high possibility of clients dying of these drugs, although at present no one died. Frankly speaking, things that lamas and shamans give to people as medicines are real poison. Medicines that not only lack registration, but are registered as harmful are imported from India, China and Russia by truck loads and sold at high price. It became a common trend that almost every medical doctor prescribes to his patients unregistered medicines that he illegally brought from abroad. And then why could not they confiscate the medicines brought by the Korean doctors at the border? They must have declared them when they crossed the border. Well, that is daily work done by the professional inspection, their way of life. What was the funniest thing is the explanation given about the reason for prohibition of the above free treatment. “The professional inspection office explained that free treatment might be a way to reveal  the secret of the Mongolian peoples’ gene”. This is exactly what was reported on TV.
When thousands of Mongols spend all their money to go to Korea for medical treatment, why the stupid Koreans cannot use it to study this awesome gene?  Of course, everyone has a right to be stupid, among them the professional inspection certainly has a full right to stupidity. Here I would like to talk about the inertia of mentality. During the socialist era a deep belief was instilled in citizen of our country that the whole world around us suffered, while only in Russia and Mongolia people were happy and sated. While the world suffocates without fresh air, only Mongolia has clean air, the sky is blue only in our country, only Mongolian eat finger-wide fat, while others do not even smell the fat. And so on and so on. Gradually, in the last 20 years it became a real ailment, so Mongols were declared to be the smartest people in the world, ones who can do anything, whose genes have a more advanced structure compared to the rest of human kind, whose buttocks are colored…. Good heavens, in the end they believed it themselves. In this way everything related to Mongols, who became superhuman, became “super”. We have copper, gold, coal like no other country in the world, we have the so called ninja, who dig it, and although the whole world is drooling with greed over our riches and is trying to con us to get them, our super people are super clever and slap them on their face. Clever people should not be conned. A clever person should himself con the others.
We love talking about the national security. In the same way when behind the principle a question of an odd sock is hidden. Even if we leave this, the attitudes of the more serious people towards this problem reveal the same inertia of the cold war mentality. In the course of the last century Mongolia was a region prepared to become a battlefield for Russia. Russian continued their civil war on the Mongolian territory in 1921. The battle at Khalkhiin Gol in 1939 was a fight between Japan and Russia, who probed their strength on the territory of Mongolia. If Russia and China had had a fight, their main battle was to be at the Mongolian territory. There is a document, when in 1983, at the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Soviet Union, D. Ustinov very clearly talked about it. We made this concept of national security our own and we cannot get rid of it. In reality, if there was no China, Mongolia was destined to go the way of Tuva and if Russia was not in place, we were to have the same destiny as Inner Mongolia. There is a problem of keeping the balance of strength, but the attitude that China is not OK, but Russia is OK is a dangerous step that might lead to the loss of balance. After all, two decades have passed since the end of the cold war.
Let us look at the other example. Khrushyov had cultivated a lot of virgin land in order to reach the level of the USA in the field of agriculture. Under this wave Mongolia that had one million populations at that time ploughed one million hectares of land. As experts view, the Northern part of the USA and the Kuzbas steppe of Russia have rich soils highly appropriate for wheat cultivation. The Selenge territory, that has the most fertile soils in our country, has sandy soils, which are more suited to cultivation of fruit, berries and other plants. Led by the old inertia of mentality to provide the country with their own flour, our country wastes all the money to achieve the goal, without any results other than concerns about the crop cultivation. There are more people, who take advantage of this situation, than those, who are concerned about it. Because the money for that concern is taken from the people by the state and wasted there. A business idea to plant more suitable crops in order to gain more profit and then buy flour is restricted by the same inertia of mentality.
The old inertia of mentality about the state remains very strong. At every step it is said that the state should take into account that and this and conduct a special policy. The ones called the state really love to develop special policies and take them under their wing. However, the state is a kind of a machine that the people hire on the money paid by the citizen in order to execute social management. If this machine exceeds the frame of its given rights, it will become a monster that can skin everything. Isn’t our state a monster? The decision-makers in the name of the state are just people. If these people are elected by citizen for a specific period, this is a principle of a democratic state. However, these elected people are not the best people of the country, nor their brain pool. It is the same everywhere. The citizens want the state to resolve problems that they cannot resolve themselves. But who is the state? Several wrestlers, traders, some are brazen frauds. Can they resolve problems faced by you better than yourself? Isn’t it healthier to request services paid for by the taxes rather than ask the state to resolve your problems? Otherwise, in the best case they will rob one person to give it away to others.
Enough time has passed to understand that prices are not established by the central committee, but the market gradually establishes them. Several institutions that establish prices in the name of the state such as the Anti- Monopoly Authority, the Professional Inspection, even the civil movement to control the prices that executes racket, have appeared. Everyone, starting with the Prime Minister, rushes to establish the prices. This is one of the most effective ways to break down a healthy market and destroy economy. Only recently there were several thousand taxis in Ulaanbaatar, but as everyone starting with the City Administration started pressurizing them to keep down the prices, now there aren’t any taxis in the city. Do these moonlighters, who voluntarily work as taxi, pay any taxes? It seems that a city with a million of population can exist without an official taxi service. As a result of forcing to maintain the prices for heating and electricity at the same level, this system is on the verge of breakdown. If possible, they wish to use everything for free, but this world does not work in this way. Everything has a price and these prices are not set by bosses or racketeers. This is an elementary ABC of economy, its common law. One might violate the law on fighting corruption, but not the laws of economy. The same as laws of nature, they are not subject to the “back door” arrangement.
It is really unfortunate that inertia of distorted understanding of modern social phenomena that were labeled as capitalist not only persists in our mentality, but is also inherited by the younger generation. Although a table can be called by different names, no mutual understanding can be achieved, if one perceives it as a table, while the other one understands it as a cup. Because we misinterpret the meaning of freedom, we talk a lot about exceeding freedom, about democracy becoming anarchy. You are free to do anything, but it is forbidden to violate the rights of others, because they also have the right for freedom. Or there is a concept of an individual right. We declared in the constitution that the most important right is the right of the individual. However, the right and interests of an individual should not condradict the rights of other persons. When officials violate the interests of millions by stealing and misusing common property we explain that they violate the interests of the society, thinking only about their own personal interests. But we don’t  say that a person, who killed another human being was thinking about his own personal interest. A person has a right to think about his personal interest, but if he violates the other’s rights it is a crime.  Many concepts such as brainwashing, doing business, money laundering, management, exploitation take absolutely different meaning compared to the global understanding of such terms, when they are introduced into Mongolian language. How can we understand the rest of the world with this misinterpreted concepts?  Mentality is presented by the language in the first place.
At present 7 billion people live on our planet. In the current conditions of the 21st century almost all of them live following the same principles and similar laws and morals. International laws, contracts, regulations became a universal thing in the present world. They might not be ideal, but the best versions worked out in the present conditions are valid. These 7 billion people are all of one biological species and are similar between themselves by the genetical structure. Those, who have a structure other than human, we call animals. Although Mongols account for a very small percentage of the seven billion people, we are definitely of the human species. The democratic government system and market economy  became principle of life for the majority of these seven billion people. We all pity the North Koreans, who live outside of these principles. The humankind in general left behind the old ways, looking out for the new, striving to reach a new stage of civilization, discovering, creating, developing and making progress.  Mongols are not better or worse or different than others, so we need to think as the rest of the human kind, to create and to progress like them, which is the source of our further existense.
We are not better than the rest of the human kind, which is the main proof of the fact that we are not worse than the rest of the human kind. If we have a blood transfusion from a black donor, we will not change in any way, but will herd sheep as before and even do the racket as before. We don’t have any magic, we did not create the planet, we are not blessed by some special saint, which is a proof that we are one of 6 thousand nationalities that co-exist together in the present world. As for the colored bbuttocks it is a mutation that appeared 25 thousand years ago and is observed only in newborns. It is observed among many nationalites in Northern Asia and even in 5% of European as genetists say. Anyway, the brain and the buttocks are far away one from another not only by location, but also by their function. Found what to be proud of .

Once there was a boy who could sing quite well. The poor guy became quite mad because of people’s provocation. It seems that he declared a war against civilizaion, urbanization, development and prosperity. Such people are in any country. In the central park in Tokyo I saw a person who previously was a respected professor, but became a hobbo as a protest against civilization and now walks there almost naked.  So the singer boy did not find anything new. But if all of us or the majority of us will become as him, it will mean that the society has lost its direction. God forbid that we are included in the animal species by declaring our genetic transformation.

August 9, 2010