Since the beginning of the transformation process, the Mongolian press has repeatedly asked questions about the political elite in the country. "Is there an elite in Mongolia at all?" "To what extent did this emerge as a new elite after 1990?" "Who actually belongs to it?" "How corrupt is the elite?" "What role do the oligarchs often mentioned in the media play?"

These and similar questions were always at the centre of their interest. During the 1990s, the discussion of these questions was still essentially limited to the political elite, with a focus on the parties and their networks. But with the increasingly dynamic transition to a market economy, not only the economic but also the political structures changed. This was reflected in the elite discussion during the 2000s, when the interplay between the political and economic elite became more central. Finally, the oligarchs themselves were also discussed, which were understood to mean above all the super-rich of the economic elite. Although they were now being talked about, they remained faceless and anonymous for the time being, but seemed to exert direct influence on politics from the background. Mongolian social scientists took up the elite theme only occasionally. They then more or less limit themselves to the terse statement that there was a change of elites in the "transition years 1989-1990". 

In fact, it must be conceded that questions about the Mongolian elite are by no means so easy to answer, especially since one can hardly fall back on existing scholarly preliminary work and daily life is not very transparent in this question. For this reason, this article will limit itself to initial observations on the political elite and approach the subject matter primarily from a historical perspective. There is a good reason for the latter approach. In Mongolia, there was "democratisation from above" in the late phase of perestroika, which in itself suggests that the MRVP elite had played an important, if not the decisive, role in the process of transformation. It is thus natural to look for the origins of today's Mongolian elite in the socialist system.