Bat-Uul became a Hero. The movement has begun to identify “Counter Hero” with deliberate purpose to counterattack this. Average hero! Actually one is supposed to be a hero for exact reason of being not average. Average heroes are named collectively “Unknown Hero”, a statue is built among them and flowers are offered on holidays on their tomb. Well, let’s leave it at that, I was not gonna talk about this.

One average hero was advertised on TV (recently). A hero was born in Gachuurt. Apparently, after investors from abroad were to establish a golf course there, did land improvement works and spent tons of money, by keeping on announcing sit-in demonstrations, protests and the like they were chased off. I (really) don’t know what investors and by whose permission they did so. Probably a decision maker happened to give permission. Since our law and law creators always declare that investing in Mongolian is really safe and guaranteed, if you will come in we would not do anything to you, seems like someone fell for it and spent tons of money. Well, after coming in, however, beating the hell out of them is unwritten law in our heck of the woods. The average hero is asked:”What are you planning to do next?” Our hero then drops “ Well, I am kinda thinking of growing veggies on this land that they broke and left.”

Golf  (actually) is almost an addiction same as gambling in a casino. In particular, Japanese and Koreans are addicted to it, they go a lot to America to play. Two years ago near China’s Guangzhou ten golf courses of biggest standard with 18 holes were built one along the other. Now their (endless) queue is pouring to Guangzhou. If on a typical golf course teams queue behind one another with intervals of on average of 5 minutes, because demand is so overly high there, it is said that the interval is set for only 3 minutes. The queue goes on day and night, from dusk to dawn. Even though there are golf (courses) in Japan, because of limited terrain, it is overly expensive, so it is turns out it is cheaper to go to America to play. Now they can play in southern China, stay overnight, come back on Sunday evening and be at work on Monday morning.

However, it is really better not to go there in June, July and August. It is hot, humid and, on top of that, it is rain season. Golfers are desperate to find a place to get in and play. During this time Mongolian summer would be perfect with temperatures of plus twenty degrees and soft wind. And most importantly, we are not that far from golfers’ homes. They can fly in on Friday evening, play for two days and fly back. Just imagine how much money would that bring in. There would more than plenty for subsidies and assistance not for one, but for several thousand average heroes that they get from the state. In any case, it would be incomparably more profitable than growing veggies. Just think how golf courses make environment beautiful and attractive, everyone has seen it in the movies. Come to think of it, by whose permission on whose land our average hero is going to grow veggies for himself there?

A international standard ski resort has been (recently) established a Khurkhree valley. I (really) don’t know who built it by whose permission. However, the place that used to be empty, is making truckloads of money. Everyone who goes there leaves here at least 20-30 thousand tugrugs t. I am not gonna talk (even) about health, sports, appropriate recreation and stuff like that. I wonder lives of how many average heroes are being supported through taxes by money from here! Indeed, my motherland is such a great socialist country where education, hospitals are free from the state, on top of that tons of money are distributed in cash. While the talk is about free education, some of people make money, taxes are gotten from them and only then salaries of teachers are being paid.

Today’s world is having more and more united, single order. Principle that whatever one can do in one’s heck of the woods is nobody else’s business has become outdated.  That’s why Yugoslav bosses are being tried at a court in Hague, a fellow called “ruler” of Sudan Bashir is being summoned to international court for a crime of genocide against his (own) local people. Just recently, in one small central American country the military have arrested their President, took him out of the borders and chased him away. Well, there has been outrage all around the world, pressure has been applied and only then the country had no choice but to have elections. State coup in Niger too will not be recognized. Even Chinese has sent their military to clamp down on pirates around coast of Somalia. One order, one principle, united law.

1956 takeover of Suez Canal by Egyptian young officers and subsequent nationalization was probably last in the world.  United because of that force of England, France and Israel has attacked Egypt, but because Soviets at that time had their army go into Hungary , USA and Soviet Union had agreement about that and had let it go.  In seventies North Korea was announcing that it will not pay money borrowed from abroad however because total amount was not that big, after a while it got quiet. Today’s world in cooperative manner protects money and capital of the investors by international cooperative agreements, and for that purpose has internationally accepted arbitration court working.  This court does not allow connig in foreign investment by false promises and then robbing it.   A mechanism, according to which it is possible to have compensation that must paid by “robber “country be paid back eventually by pressuring in cooperation, is working productively and reliably.

Major example of this is a drama that happened to Russian company called “Altan Dornod”, it is also called Paushok’s case. Drama has its beginnings in so called 68 per cent tax that our Robin Hoods came up with.  The tale is that our Russian has pawned his gold in Bank of Mongolia and took a loan. The suddenly by order of Minister of Justice, Bank of Mongolia sold those several tons of gold and robbed saying it is deducting the tax. While loan time duration was not finished, the bank willfully sold gold at price of 520 dollar (per ounce). After a month, price of ounce of gold became 900 dollars. It is clear to anybody what a huge loss happened to the owner of the gold. Bank of Mongolia by getting taxes has performed duty of the taxation agency and, in regards of 68 per cent tax from 132 gold (mining) companies operating in Mongolia, only one state company called “ Shijir alt” has paid it, the rest of 131 companies paid nothing.

So,  Paushok has applied to international arbitration court on these issues called discrimination and willful mistreatment of Bank of Mongolia and sued for a billion dollars. Court has met 4 times in 4 different places in subsequent levels and actually already has finished. Additional losses of Mongolian state in counter case are 6 billion tugrugs. State of Mongolia was found wrong.  Now issue of determining amount of compensation payment is left. Our parties and government who are (so) fond of transfers could have distributed and throw around 500 thousand tugrugs per citizen to all citizens by this debt it getting in and get admiration for a whole year. It seems that Russian Government is likely to apply to court following Paushok. The matter is that according to this so called 68 per cent 400 million dollars were robbed as well. Mongolia and Russia from the beginning have a stability agreement. The lesson from the tale that one cannot wake up one sunny nice day, come up with the law and make a sudden robbery. So much for the deeds of average heroes. Now average heroes are having Paushok cursed in every paper for a fee, picking up the glass after it is broken. So what, court judges in Frankfurt cannot find and read it, even if they did they would not even consider to wipe their asses with it.

So we became fond of talking about only swindling-chasing away –robbing. It seems the more we talk about it, more patriotic we look. As soon as rumors surface of a lucrative deposit, a queue of patriots is already on the way there. Statements will be made, press conferences held, sit-in demonstrations, hunger strikes and the like, and talk is totally about motherland. The real intentions are actually clear on their foreheads. Mostly these are fellas without any jobs.  Now talk is around to rob Canadian “Khan Resources”’ assets in whole. I guess it is possible. Another “68”! Though the other guys also no doubt will apply to court.  Everytime this happens it will lead to the situation where no one will be found to willing to invest and believe in this awful country stuffed till top with average heroes with and without authority called Mongolia. When country is faced with unbearable punishment and payment, in the final analysis, which average hero will accept the responsibility? Or should we express our anger at their common tomb with no name on it?

Actually, our patriots are doing this just robbery for the sake of the motherland! Yet it is the motherland that will pay the consequence. The tougher we get, worse it is actually for Mongolia. Two thousand years ago from today, ignorant and barbaric people have beaten the hell out of Jesus, dragged him, tortured on wooden cross and took his life. Yet Jesus not only did not wrong them but prayed –“Heavenly Father, forgive these ignorant and barbaric people. They are doing this not because they are wicked and treacherous, but because they are ignorant and barbaric.  Forgive them, Heavenly Father, forgive them.” Heavenly Father might have forgiven ignorant and barbaric people but blasted the country that raised them. Jews without homeland and no soil to step on have fallen into abyss of suffering for two thousand years wandering all around this world being chased away from every land.

March 9,2010

 (notes and suggestions by translator are in italic inside the parenthesis and in footnotes )