by Tsenddoo.B


... Russia will win, but the victory belongs to its people.

All the same, Russia will win. This victory is not for its aggressive leader, who from time to time looks for a victim among his neighbors. And the Russian people will win, going out into the streets to express their civil position as a good neighbor, therefore chanting "No war with Ukraine."

    Russia will win. Victory is not for its militaristic leaders who declare war on their brothers, but for ordinary citizens marching in protest against this war and therefore arrested by the police, who become the club of power. These people will never be broken and lost.

    Russia will win. However, not a leader who is not enough to be "number one" in his country, but dreams of owning the world by sending the children of his people to the slaughter. The mother who escorted her son with the words “Defend your homeland and return whole” to the army and recognizing her child among the dead soldiers on the video recording of the war in a foreign land will win. The country where mothers who have lost children cry "No to war" will win. Mothers who want the best for their child never fail.

     Russia will win, but not the communists, who are conducting their ideological experiment on the Mongols as guinea pigs. Russian doctors will win, sending on an expedition to a neighboring country to cure the Mongols. The victory is not for the Soviet Russians who arrived with orders to kill 30,000 Mongolian intellectuals, but for the Russian intelligentsia who educated 30,000 Mongolian intellectuals and specialists.

    Russia will win. But not the “plenipotentiary representatives” of its leader, orchestrating fratricide and persecution among the Mongols, but teachers who taught the first Mongolian doctors to save their brothers and sisters, and the first intellectuals to develop their Mongolia.

   Russia will win. But not its leaders who called the Mongolian leaders one by one to Moscow to be judged according to the criminal code of the USSR or poisoned. Victory for those like the Soviet doctor Soboleva, who carried the orphaned boy Uvgunburged from the outbreak of plague in her arms. Unfortunately, they were never masters of their country. Maybe now is the time?

   Russia will win. But not the Cheka, the NKVD and the KGB and their ghosts, the deaths of Mongolian government members, Buddhist monks and aristocrats on the list. The victory was for the professor in exile and his supporters, who laid the foundation of the University in the steppe of Genghis Khan and gave scientific lectures. Even if comrade "Sharikov" and his ilk destroyed their academy and the lumpen-proletarians seized power, they brought academic knowledge with them and passed it on to us.

    We, the Mongols, represent and respect Russia for its innumerable geniuses, such as Sergei Korolev, Yuri Gagarin, Igor Sikorsky, Maxim Gorky, Andrei Sakharov, Mikhail Bulgakov, Sergei Rachmaninov and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, the geniuses never became the masters of their homeland, but passed away as "prisoners of genius", "masterpiece refugees" and "amnestied after death". It is time for those we love and respect to win. They are no longer alive, but the time has come for their ideas to triumph. Russia will win.

    Russia is a great nation. People with great intelligence. But from generation to generation they have always been defeated by the aggressive tsar, the Bolsheviks, the proletariat and the KGB. Maybe this is the first time that the people have a chance to win?

    In Russia, the Russian people will win. I am on the side of Russia. Together with Russia we defend Ukraine. Common people never quarrel among themselves.

     What remains is friendship with the people, not with the state. Therefore, I am on the side of Russia. Because the state leaves, and people remain. We are people too, they leave, but we stay.