Удо Б. Баркманн


Political Background and "Anatomy" of the Show Trial against Taij Eregdendagva, Egüzer Khutagt Galsandaš and others

The scientific investigation of Soviet state terror in the 1930s almost always and almost inevitably leads to the question why this terror existed at all. It seems senseless and unpredictable and therefore completely incomprehensible.

II - 1912 оны Орос-Монголын хэлэлцээр байгуулагдахад нөлөөлсөн геополитикийн ерөнхий нөхцөл

Тэрхүү нөхцөл байдлыг Германы Гадаад хэргийн яам (Auswärtiges Amt)- ны баримт бичгүүдэд тулгуурлан нэхэн авч үзэхүйд

Mongolia and the People's Republic of China - Paths to a Strategic Partnership (2003-2011)

The world is on the move. The fourth industrial revolution and the associated digitalisation of society have long since begun. Who will determine the new world order? Who will emerge victorious from it? The power struggle to reorder international relations is felt daily and worldwide. Mongolia, too, must determine its foreign policy coordinates and integrate. At this time, it makes sense both to look back and to work out new concepts. Here is a review by a German Mongolist from the perspective of 2016.

Political Elite and Oligarchs in Mongolia

Excerpt from my last book "Transformation in Mongolia. Miscellanies from Politics, History, Society, Economy and Culture" („Transformation in der Mongolei. Miszellen aus Politik, Geschichte, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und Kultur“), =Berliner Mongolei-Studien, LIT-Verlag, Berlin 2022.

A Middle Power meets the Middle Kingdom

German-Chinese Relations up to the 20th Century